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Prima Billing is a software jointly developed by a team of utility and IT professionals. It is suitable for general utility billing as well as concession based billing.

Prima Billing is a utility billing software

Customizable and Scalable

Prima is designed to meet your unique business and industry needs. It is customizable to your business processes and workflow.It is scalable and can cater to the needs of companies having very large customer base.

Transparency and Instant Access to Accounts

Full client history is accessible to the company, clients and all relevant departments.

Engage Client at Early Stage

A powerful tool to manage your entire billing stages starting from during property construction to connection and during provision of utility services.


Here is the Features of Prima Billing


Define your master client (if any) to provide master development level reports to the client or generate master level bills if required.

Sub Developer

If required define sub-developers within the master development. Can be only for reporting purposes and or bills can be generated.

Facilities or User Level

Define any type of subscriber. Commercial, residential, industrial, apartment, building tower, etc.


Define as many tariffs as you want. Apply automatic indexation if required.

Bills calculation

Calculate bills periodically basing on meter readings or flat rates. Broken period bills and final settlement bills can also be generated.

Subscriber Access

Give access to subscriber to see history of bills and payments as well as current bills.


Create customized reports


Track your meter maintenance

Automated meter reading fetching (M-bus)

Option to integrate your billing solution with external systems - gateways for meter reading data automatic upload.

Concession Contract

Can be customized according to your concession for a nominal fee. Our Concession Agreement experts would be available to advise you on the best ways to customize and track your concession requirements.

Pricing Models

High Cap Model

Client buys a user license from Prima. Client hosts the software on local servers or a private cloud. Client invests in ICT infrastructure.

Low Cap Model

Client subscribes to a cloud based service on pay-as-you-go model. Prima provides complete infrastructure and private cloud hosted software along with maintenance.

Outsourced Model

Prima takes full responsibility of generating and delivering the bills either by emails or regular post. Prima follows up with the clients for payment of bills on time. Client either provides meter reading data or let Prima connect to its metering system. Client pays on pay-as-you-go model. Prima provides complete infrastructure and private cloud hosted software along with maintenance.


Frequently Ask Questions

  • Is training necessary?
  • Training is very helpful but not necessary unless you have little or no experience with utility billing or want to learn the software the easy way.

  • Can I bill multiple companies with Prima Billing?
  • Yes, Prima Billing can handle multiple companies. However, there is a one-time extra charge per company.

  • Can you convert my current software’s data?
  • We can convert many different types of software data, but it will depend on the information you or the software company can give us.

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